Saturday, June 10, 2006

Belle Isle Revisited

Belle Isle Revisited

My revisit to Belle Isle on June 10th yielded these pictures...enjoy!

The sign greeting you at the entry way at the bridge on Jefferson & East Grand Boulevard.

The water was turned off at the Scott Fountain today. It may be because it was only 60 degrees Farenheit today, and with the breeze on the riverfront, that's fairly cold.

The Casino, ever so lovely!

Another view of the Casino.

At the Conservatory, the flowers were in bloom and the grounds were well landscaped.

The Aquarium, next to the Conservatory had brown paper covering its windows.

This was a colorful concession stand that was boarded up and had graffiti painted over it.

A beautiful canal scene, a soft breeze blowing little ripples in the stream while the weeping willow tree was gently swaying.

Some affair was happening at the Boat Club tonight as many cars were in the parking lot.

Father geese was getting pissed at me and let me know I was getting too close as the moon began to peak over the trees.

I just couldn't hold the camera steady enough to take this shot of the Ren Cen and night was descending quickly.

I got a nice picture of the Fox Theatre as I was cruising down Woodward on my way home.

I simply HAD to stop a take this picture in Midtown...I love this sign!

Alright, so I got a little bored...I-75 was closed for repairs (so what's new) and shiny lights distract me!

Well, my only explanation is it was a full moon and I found this scene creepy!

Another creepy view...and with that...I bid you adieu!


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