Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bloomies Hit the 313

Bloomies Hit the 313

Here's a little photo journal of my recent trip to the 313 (e.g., Detroit, for all you non-Detroiters). The above billboard is a perfect depiction of what many people might think Detroit is all about. That is, second rate, unkempt, abandoned (insert other derogatory remarks here ____).

However, that is not the case. Any Detroit lover will know that the city holds within its heart some of the most beautiful architecture around. Thank God, as Detroit was abandoned during the 70's to 90's, that they (whomever 'they' are) did not tear down the incredible buildings. 'They' simply boarded them up and put them to sleep.

And, whilst the old buildings were sleeping, they built modern marvels! The Detroit African American Museum is world-class and is a destination in and of itself.

The Detroit Science Center has gone about a revival and offers educational fun for the little kiddies!

Here's another view of the modern structure and colorful sign of the Detroit Science Center, which sits next to the Detroit African American Museum.

One of Detroit's old landmarks, the Chin Tiki, sits vacant on Cass Avenue. Detroit's Chin Tiki was one of the sites featured in Eminem's movie, Eight Mile. Marvin Chin, the owner, passed away recently.

People are moving back to Detroit and renovating the great old homes. This one is located in the Midtown district. Many of the streets in the Midtown and Downtown districts are being resurfaced or rebuilt, as well.

The GAR building, one of my favorites, still stand boarded up. I await the day that they take those ugly boards off and start renovating.

Many old buildings are being converted to lofts or offered for conversion to lofts, such as the one above (across from Harper Hospital).

Many of the old homes are in the process of being renovated (such as the one above) and stand next to newly constructed neighborhoods.

The renovations are interspered with buildings, such as the one above, which should probably just be torn down.

So, with the Detroit casinos, Comerica Park, Compuware, Mike Ilitch, and others pouring money into downtown, where is Detroit going with all this? I think it's absolutely fantastic! Detroit is looking really good! I saw people walking around Downtown and Midtown last night, hanging out at coffee houses wired with WiFi, sitting on the corner and enjoying the fountains in front of the DIA, and just milling around and having a jolly good time! It's wonderful that the DIA is offering weekend entertainment, that helps bring in the crowds. But, what's even more wonderful is that Detroit's throwing a party and people are coming! Join the party! C'mon down to Detroit and have a good's changing for the better! I think you'll be surprised!


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